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Streets Ahead is more than just a tree inventory. It is a complete tree management system designed  in collaboration with experienced  arborists and managers to provide analysis and reporting tools for the management of tree assets.



The geographic information system based program uses a map display to clearly show the positions of all trees, providing an easy method of locating information about individual trees - while also showing the relationship of trees with other features of the surroundings. 

Map layers showing suburbs, wards, work precincts, property boundaries and park infrastructure or aerial photographs may be used as a backdrop for the screen display of the trees. Users can add any number of additional map layers and can edit layers within the program.

Data can be entered in the field by work crews or inspection staff using the GPS enabled mobile version on notebook computers avoiding time consuming data entry.


This ensures that the collection of information for the tree inventory and maintaining the history of work carried out on each tree up to date is achieved at minimum cost and without the expense of resurveying.

Aerial photographs are easily incorporated into the Streets Ahead system. With these photographs overlayed by other map layers the system is very user friendly and allows the identification a tree’s position with accuracy regardless of whether it is a street tree or one in a park setting.

Catering for both inventory data capture and the monitoring of ongoing tree maintenance, Streets Ahead is a complete system targeted specifically at the arboricultural needs rather than being an add-on function of a more general asset management or CAD system.

Streets Ahead is strongly tree-focused. Selecting a tree on the map view gives direct access to all the information about that tree, the history of works at that site, details about residents' correspondence or complaints, and photographs of the tree or its surroundings.

In addition to recording works carried out on a tree, regular inspections may be recorded on each site. These then create a complete history of the tree which is added to as the tree grows from planting to maturity.

A wide range of reports may be produced on such aspects as the condition of trees, or on works done or to be undertaken.


Streets Ahead is a registered trademark.