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Some areas still available.

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Maps & GPS Made Easy

  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful features
  • Low prices
  • GPS enabled

Streets Ahead is a fully developed GIS [Geographical Information System] with database features that provide a powerful tool for managing a wide variety of data types.

Our objective has been to give the general public a spatial data system which is inexpensive and easy to use. 

“This is typical of the road to Innamincka.  Treacherous corrugations but straight as a ruler.  Watch the Cattle Trains though!”

Recreational Users [Traveller Version]

  • Plan trips in advance
  • Automatically track trips with GPS unit
  • Plot your path on walking trails
  • Upload / download waypoints, routes and tracks to your Magellan GPS
  • Create an accurate map of your trip
  • Attach photos, notes, dates or other details to points on the map.
  • Write up your trip notes for your friends or as a future reminder.
  • Use aerial photos or satellite images as a background to the maps

Business Users & Land Managers

  • Establish a Whole Farm Plan
  • Automatically calculate areas of paddocks and lengths of existing or proposed fences
  • Plot changes in erosion, salinity or weed infestation.
  • Record planned  and completed projects.

Key Features

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Unlimited map layers, of both vector and raster types.
  • Unlimited user definable data tables, both mappable and non-mappable
  • Layer control activates, hides layers and allows definition of selection, label and draw layers
  • Create and view text objects, points, polylines & polygons in a wide variety of styles and colours    
  • Automatically calculates areas and lengths
  • Attach notes, photographs or other images to any map object
  • View a variety of GIS data types in original format without conversion [DWG, DXF, DGN, SHP & MIF]
  • Free maps of Australian coastline, State boundaries, cities/towns, roads, waterways, railways and airfields, plus World maps and satellite view of the world. 
  • Overview Map - shows the position of the main map view relative to Australia or user defined area
  • Report generator. Create and print reports about your data

GPS Enabled

  • Compatible with Magellan GPS systems
  • Upload waypoints and routes,  download waypoints, routes and tracks
  • Save downloads as a permanent map layers
  • Create waypoints and routes on the PC ready for upload to GPS unit
  • Use your GPS for moving map on your laptop in vehicle  
  • Track your speed, lat/long position, bearing, distance to waypoints

Streets Ahead PRO version also includes

  • Import / export of map objects and data in MID/MIF format
  • Extensive SQL querying capabilities
  • Registration of aerial photos or satellite images as a background to maps

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UPT File Converter

Converts UPT output from Magellan Explorist GPS for use with Streets Ahead.


WPT DBF File Converter

Converts WPT output from Magellan Explorist GPS for use with Streets Ahead.


Versions Available
Streets Ahead Pro [GPS Enabled]
64 bit update

  System Requirements
Windows up to V 10
Recommended Minimum
Pentium [r] III processor 128Mb RAM
Video 800 x 600 True Colour
Colour printer

Streets Ahead is a registered trademark